My best  wild life photos of Kenya 

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I’m so lucky to live in a country others will spend lots of money to visit. A 45 minute drive brings me to Nairobi National Park and other parks like Nakuru Lake, Aberdares, Masai Mara, Tsavo and Amboseli are only a few hours away.

The other days I was looking at some of my photos and decided to make a share them. They are my originals and therefore copyrighted. Please don’t use them without contacting me.

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This is a selection of elephants and animals, topis and baboons we saw on a game drive in Amboseli.

Some need a little more explanation so let me add some separate from the slide show.


This little baby baboon was hanging on his mom at Amboseli.
A very happy and excited Zebra rolling in the sand


Baboons, and actually any kind of monkey, have been among may favorites. When they hang out with their family it’s adorable to see the kids play together and the adults picking seeds and other foods.


This old baboon was enjoying a bit of sun on the roadside and wouldn’t budge.

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A Rhino chasing a stork in Nairobi National Park has been one of my favorite shots. It was a little far and my Nikon has only a short range but I still got some nice shots from it.

A Colobus monkey staring though the leaves of trees in the Aberdare.
Mount Longonot Kenia 2014

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A slide show with some nice shots of Lake Naivasha. Besides Hells gate close to the town, the town itself is also nice to grab some groceries and pass though. A great place to stay the night – if you like camping and cabins- is Camp Carnellys. Sometimes we just stop there for a bite. It’s fabulous scenic and when the sun goes down Hippos can be seen playing around. The food is fabulous. You can find more here:

Old Buffalo leave their herd and move around alone. This one has birds keeping him company
This dirt looks deceptively dry, when we drove into it we almost got stuck. (Nakuru Lake)
Nakuru lake started to expand for reasons still unknown.
From the treeline, that used to be the lake side, it shows how much it has expanded
The serene staring of Zebras
An angle I had not seen a Baboon from and honestly I could have done without, but it is a hilarious photo.
#KenyaWildlifeServices soldiers on their way to guarding Kenya’s beauty
Our guide on our walk at Hells Gate National Park
The gorge is stunning (Hells Gate)
Hells Gate National Park


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I wasn’t sure if I should post these. It’s still a sore spot when I see the photos. This is the majestic Nairobi National Park resident lion Mohawk that ended up on the outside of the park and was shot by KWS last year.





I have always has a softspot for Warthogs . (The Ark, Aberdare, Kenya)
Lots of fog during a drive through Aberdare National Park.

M A S A I    M A R A

Masai Mara is what people talk about when they talk about wanting to see Kenya. We went outside of the migration but we still saw a lot of animals. Even watching the scenery in the early morning, the sunrise and the long stretches of plains are amazing. These are just a few of the many photos I took and I will add more over time.

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All the photos in this blog are mine and therefore copyrighted. Please don’t use any material without contacting me first and providing credits. Thank you!



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